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The Bring a Friend to Excom Promotion is valid from 15/02/2024 to 30/06/2024. During the promotional period, existing fibre or fibre + mobile customers without any outstanding payments can refer as many friends as they wish, provided that these friends sign up for a fiber or fiber + mobile plan. For the referrer, the gift consists of 2 free monthly payments for each ‘friend’ referred to Excom, to be enjoyed in the month N+1, once the referred party has paid the first-month fee, provided they have not canceled or withdrawn from the contract, in which case the promotion is void. If the referrer is already benefiting from a promotion, they will start receiving their ‘gift’ once the period of that promotion concludes. The referred party will receive two free payment for each new customer they bring in and who meets the described conditions once their promotional period ends. Promotion not applicable to white-label brands or tariffs with code CMVFTTH.

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