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Reactivation and Terminations of the service

You can request the reactivation of your Internet or telephone line comfortably in the web form https://www.excom.es/reactivar-servicio/
Request it any day of the month. You will receive an invoice for the amount corresponding to the prorated fee for the remaining days of the month.

The registration price includes the installation and activation of the service in our systems.

So you can enjoy Wireless Internet technology, an authorized technician will come to your home to install a receiving antenna.
The perfect place to place it is usually the existing mast for the television antenna. The installer will carry out a wiring to the interior of the house.
This network cable can be connected to a PC or you can connect it to a Wifi Router.
The registration price does not include any wiring system inside the house.
The installer may propose, depending on the layout of the home and its needs, an additional internal distribution solution, with a prior estimate and according to the customer's instructions.

If you want to cancel the portability of your mobile or fixed number, you must request it at the following link www.excom.es/cancelatuportabilidad where you must fill in all the fields and attach the requested files.

DNI / NIF / CIF of the person who requested portability.
Signed portability cancellation document.
Proof of transferring SIM costs and sending the card (in case of cancellation of mobile portability and that the cost of registering said service has not been previously invoiced. The cost for each of the SIMs delivered is € 3,00 + VAT / unit And shipping € 6,00 + VAT The transfer must be made to the account of FREE TECHNOLOGIES EXCOM ES94 2100 3584 6122 0006 2943 (La Caixa) indicating in the concept CN.
If the identification does not match that of the applicant or the attached documents are erroneous or incomplete, the cancellation will not be processed. Cancellation of portability is free. In mobile telephony, to cancel the portability, it will be necessary to pay the SIM card and the shipment, in case it had not been previously invoiced.

Deadlines for cancellation: Portability may be canceled, at the request of the contractor, at any time from the initial date of the user's request until 14:00 p.m. the day before the portability is executed. You have to take into account the Customer Service hours for these deadlines. From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and from 16:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m., except national holidays and in the municipality of Madrid.


You can request the deactivation of your Internet line or telephone comfortably in the web form https://www.excom.es/darme-de-baja
You must request it before the 25th of the month prior to which you want to make the cancellation effective.
For example, if you want your Internet line to be deactivated on October 1, you must request the cancellation between September 1 and 24.

Yes, at EXCOM we are flexible, so you can increase or decrease your speed according to your needs.

To lower the speed, you just have to send us an email to adm@excom.es with the data of the account holder, indicating the new speed you want.

To increase your speed, check availability and conditions by calling us at 91 783 90 00.

Yes, at EXCOM we are flexible, so you can increase or decrease your speed according to your needs.

To lower the speed, you just have to send us an email to adm@excom.es with the data of the account holder, indicating the new speed you want.

To increase your speed, check availability and conditions by calling us at 91 783 90 00.

The equipment installed by EXCOM in your home so that you can connect to the Internet without cables and enjoy our services, are owned by EXCOM, on a rental basis at zero cost to the contractor.
In this way, EXCOM provides an UNLIMITED guarantee on the equipment.

You can pay by direct debit or by card, all fees are turned on the 1st of each month, of the current month. Remember that bank accounts must be from the European Union.
In the event that you choose direct debit by card, it must be enabled for electronic payment.

You can change the quota whenever you want, you just have to let us know before the 25th of the month before you want the change to be made in order to apply it.

We inform you that within the transparency policy that we carry out from EXCOM, we have enabled new control and security measures so that you can have a more exhaustive control of your expenses. It is important to note that the established thresholds are always outside the data or voice vouchers included in the rates. That is, additional consumptions outside of those established in each rate.

Each line, at the time of registration, will be set with the following default thresholds and may be modified by means of a written request.

Voice limit> € 50 / month for notice and € 60 / month for cutoff
Data limit> € 5 / month for notice and € 10 / month for cutoff
Roaming limit> € 30 / month for notice and € 50 / month for cut-off
Notifications will be sent by SMS each time the following cases are met:

SMS confirmation of the limit that will be applied each time it is modified
SMS warning "notice" before cutting.
SMS notification once the cut is passed.
Once the limits have been exceeded, the check of each threshold will be marked, an SMS will be sent and in the cutoff it will also block the services on the line as follows:

Limit on voice: Outgoing calls are blocked
Data limit: data is disabled
Roaming limit: roaming is blocked


In EXCOM you will not have permanence in their services. From the first full installment, you can unsubscribe and register as many times as you need, because at EXCOM we are flexible.
Some of our promotions include permanence (such as free registration), you can consult it in the conditions of each promotion.


At EXCOM you can request at any time to be assigned a fixed IP address. With a fixed IP you have a unique address on the Internet, as if it were a telephone number.
If you are not yet a customer, request this additional service when contracting your Internet rate. If you are already a customer, you can request it by sending an email to: adm@excom.es

You can request the opening of additional ports by contacting our technical department by sending an e-mail to support@excom.es.
One of our systems technicians will be in charge of opening all the ports you require, all remotely and without the need to travel to your home.


The SIM card is a removable microchip that establishes a network connection and is located inside the mobile phone.

EXCOM MÓVIL uses the Orange and Yoigo network with the possibility of opening Movistar in Spain, so you can be sure of the excellent quality of calls and network coverage.

The ICCD is a 19-digit number that identifies your SIM and is written on the card itself.

The SIM card is protected against unauthorized use by a 4-digit secret code. This number is known by its acronym in English PIN (Personal Identification Number). If you type this code wrong 3 times in a row, the SIM card will be automatically blocked. If your SIM card is blocked, you will have to enter the PUK code. Your PIN code is indicated on the back of the EXCOM MOVIL card, but for security reasons we recommend that you change it in the phone options.

Your PUK code is indicated on the back of the card, next to the PIN number. You will need your PUK code to unblock your SIM card or, if you have entered your PIN code incorrectly 3 times in a row.

If you have lost your PUK code, we will help you to recover it. Send us an email to adm@excom.es, or call 917839000 XNUMX XNUMX with the following information:

Your EXCOM MOVIL mobile phone number
THE ICCID (on the back of your SIM card)
The data you used for your registration (NIE and POSTAL CODE)

We will immediately provide you with your PUK code

In CONTRACT cards, Roaming will be deactivated by default, but you can activate it by calling 917839000 XNUMX XNUMX.

You can order a duplicate SIM card. The cardholder must personally contact the EXCOM Móvil Customer Service at 917839000 and provide the requested information. The duplicate will be sent to the address you specify. The delivery time will be 1 to 3 days from the acceptance of the shipment. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

The Voicemail service is activated by default on your Excom Mobile. You can activate / deactivate your Voicemail:

- Canceling / activating call forwarding on your phone.

- Calling 242 and choosing option 2 to activate it or option 3 to deactivate it.

- Through the following codes:

To activate in case of power off / out of coverage: dial ** 62 * 242 # and press the call key.
To deactivate this diversion dial ## 62 # and press the call key.
To activate in case of no answer: dial ** 61 * 242 # and press the call key.
To deactivate this diversion dial ## 61 # and press the call key.
To activate when busy: dial ** 67 * 242 # and press the call key.
To deactivate this diversion, dial ## 67 # and press the call key.
To divert all calls to your mailbox (forward unconditional): dial ** 21 * 242 # and press the call key.
To deactivate diversion, dial ## 21 # and press the call key.
To deactivate all diversions to the mailbox or to another number, dial ## 002 # and press the call key.

Call 242 and follow the instructions to record a personal message.

· If you do not record a personalized message, the people who call you will simply hear the phone number they called.

· Callers are more likely to leave you a message if they recognize your voice in the personalized greeting.

· You can record or change your greeting later by selecting 4 in the main menu and then option 3 (personalized greeting).

· You can also later change both the menu language and the access code. To do this, call 242 for free and press 3 (set up mailbox).

From your mobile while in national territory, dial the free number 242.
From abroad, dial +34656242242 and follow the steps indicated. You will have to enter your mobile number and then your access code.
From another phone, dial 656242242 and follow the same steps as calling from abroad.
While listening to your messages, you can perform the following basic operations.
- Pressing 1: go back to the beginning
- Pressing 2: save message and go to the next
- Pressing 3: delete message and go to the next
- Pressing 4: Identification number of origin
- Pressing 5: not used
- Pressing 6: not used
- Pressing 7: go back 10 sec.
- Pressing 8: pause / resume
- Pressing 9: advance 10 sec.
- Pressing *: main menu
- Pressing 0: help
- Pressing #: call back
- To get help at any time, press 0.


Our Wireless Internet connection is characterized by establishing a communication via radio link, so it is not necessary to have a conventional telephone line.
If, in addition to connecting to the Internet, you want a landline or mobile phone line, EXCOM makes these services available to you.