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VAT included


You can unsubscribe your mobile phone temporarily if you wish and we will keep your number for you up to 3 months.

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How do I get the best out of the plan?

National landline and mobile phone calls are unlimited within “what is considered to be reasonable use”, allowing for a maximum of 120 destinations or different numbers.
If your monthly consummation is four-times the average consumption of clients who have contracted a similar rate (average estimated at 600 min/month), EXCOM will send you an SMS informing you that the number of minutes that you have consumed is excessive and any calls after 100 additional minutes shall be charged at a different rate to your Plan.

If you exceed the destination limit, calls will be charged at 0.10 €/min, with a call connection cost at €0.18.

Calls to intelligent network services, to special numbers charged at an extra rate and international calls are not included.

If you need to make Zone 1 international calls, you can contract an INTERNATIONAL VOICE plan per month in addition to your mobile rate. Click here to view our current rates.

What options do I have if I have consumed my data plan allowance?

If you use up your data plan allowance, the speed will reduce to 16 Kbps for 1 additional GBps.
Once these additional MB are exceeded, the connection is interrupted until the following month. So that you are not left without a connection or have to browse at low speeds, we would recommend that you contract an additional data plan that expires at the end of the month:

  • EXTRA 500 Mb at 1.75€
  • EXTRA 1GB at 3.00€
  • EXTRA 2GB at 5.51€
  • NEW EXTRA 5GB  at  12.50€