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POR SOLO14.90€/mes
IVA incluido
POR SOLO19.90€/mes
IVA incluido
POR SOLO19.90€/mes
IVA incluido
POR SOLO24.90€/mes
IVA incluido
POR SOLO29.90€/mes
IVA incluido
POR SOLO39.90€/mes
IVA incluido

NOW YOU HAVE NO REASON TO DOUBTWith Excom, you will be able to browse and talk as you want…


The last technology with access on Internet, wireless fibre, an EXCOM exclusive service.


You can already enjoy the best Internet service even if you live in a not urban area, without minimum terms and with no limits.


Talk and browse from the mobile, combine as you want our voice and data rates.


We adjust to your needs, ask for your tailored offer.

YOUR MOBILE WITH EXCOMCombine our voice and data rates to get the best out of your smartphone


EXCOM are continually trying to improve on the rates to give you the best price without being tied to minimum term agreements.


Unlike other Operators, EXCOM do not charge any telephone line quotas. You can save up to €20 euros per month.

Your mobile with Excom

You can contract your mobile line keeping your number and without permanent obligations. In addition, you can include our Internet, TV or fixed telephony services


You can activate Parental Control and fix a maximum consumption to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

WOULD YOU LIKE US TO RESOLVE ANY DOUBTS YOU MAY HAVE?Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before contracting our services.

How can I cancel my portability?

If you wish to cancel the portability of your fixed line or mobile, you need to request it at the following link where all the fields must be filled in and all requested files need to be attached.

  • DNI / NIF / CIF /NIE of the person who requested the portability.
  • Portability cancellation document signed.
  • Bank receipt of your SIM transfer costs and card sending. The cost for each of the SIM cards delivered is 3,00 € + VAT/un. The cost of the shipping 6,00 € + VAT. The transfer must be made to the account of FREE TECHNOLOGIES EXCOM ES94 2100 3584 6122 0006 2943 (La Caixa) indicating in the CN concept.

In case the identification does not coincide with the applicant or the attached documents are erroneous or incomplete, the cancellation will not be processed. The cancellation of the portability is free. To cancel the portability in mobile telephony, you need to pay the SIM card and the shipment (in case it has not been previously invoiced).

Deadlines for cancellation: portability can be canceled, a request from the contractor, at any time from the initial date of the user’s request until 2:00 p.m. on the day before the portability is executed.  The customer service hours for these periods are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, except on national holidays and in the municipality of Madrid (the indicated hours are peninsular).

Does Excom has hotline?

EXCOM does not have permanence in the services of WIMAX or 4G LTE, neither FIXED TELEPHONY nor MOBILE. From the first full quota, you can unsubscribe and register as many times as you need, because at EXCOM we are flexible. Your temporary low can last up to 3 months, during which we keep your number at no cost.

Can I change the rate?

You can change quotas when you want, you just have to tell us before the 25th of the month before you want the change to be applied in order to apply it.