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YOUR INTERNET WITH EXCOM We will make it easy for you to start using EXCOM internet via 4G LTE right now


Check if you can have the Wimax service in your company.


Choose the rate that best fits with you and talk with no worries about the calling prices.


Talk and browse from your mobile, combine as you want our voice and data rates.


With EXCOM, it improves your company’s voice and data communications.

CONTACT WIMAX INTERNET FOR YOUR CORPORATE RATES Enjoy maximum speed and do not worry, it is totally unlimited


If you are going on holidays, you can subsrcibe/unsubscribe to your Internet connection whenever you want.


You decide which Internet rate is best for you at each moment in time.


Browse as much as you want whenever you want with no time frame or download limits


Contract a symmetric Internet rate so that you can download films and upload photos at the same speed.

WE LIKE TO RESOLVE YOUR DOUBTS AND GIVE YOU ADVICE Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before contracting our services

How can I deactivate or reactivate my internet or telephony contract?

You can request the deactivation of your internet or telephone line comfortably in the web form https://www.excom.es/en/deactivate.html

Remember that you must register before the 25th of the month prior to which you wish to effect the discharge. For example, if you want your internet line to be disabled on October 1, you must apply for the decrease between September 1 and September 24.

You can request the reactivation of your internet or telephone line comfortably in the web form https://www.excom.es/en/register.html

You can request it any day of the month. You will receive an invoice of the amount corresponding to the prorated quota for the remaining days of the month.

In Satellite Internet there is not temporary withdrawal and the activation service has an activation fee. 
Does EXCOM has permanence?

EXCOM does not have permanence in the services of WIMAX or 4G LTE, neither FIXED TELEPHONY nor MOBILE. From the first full quota, you can unsubscribe and register as many times as you need, because at EXCOM we are flexible. Some of our promotions include permanence, you can consult it in the conditions of each promotion.

Can I increase or decrease my speed?

Yes, in Excom you can increase or decrease your speed.

To decrease your speed you just have to send us an email to adm@excom.es with the data of the contract holder, indicating the new speed that you want.

To increase your speed check the availability and conditions by calling us at 91 783 90 00

What is included in the price and how is the installation?

The high price includes the installation and activation of the service in our systems.

So that you can enjoy Wimax or 4G LTE technology, an authorized technician will go to your home to install a receiving antenna. The perfect place to place it normally is the existing mast for the television antenna. The installer will wiring to the interior of the house. This network cable can be connected to a PC or you can connect it to a Wireless Router. In the price of high, there is no wiring system inside the house. The installer can propose according to the distribution of the house and its needs, an additional internal distribution solution, based on the budget and according to the client’s instructions.

Do you have to buy the equipment?

You can choose between buying or renting equipment.
Remember that if you decide to buy the equipment, the stay will be two months. And if you choose the option to rent them, the stay will be 24 months continuous.

Do I need a phone line?

We offer internet connection via wireless networks (Wimax or 4G LTE) or satellite (Tooway). These technologies are characterized by establishing communication via radio or satellite link, so it is not necessary to have a conventional telephone line. If in addition to connecting to the Internet you want a fixed or mobile phone line, EXCOM makes these services available to you.

Can I request a fixed IP?

In EXCOM you can request at all times that you are assigned a fixed IP address, so that you can have a unique address on the Internet, as if it were a phone number.

If you are not yet a customer, we recommend that you request this additional service when you hire your Internet rate.
If you are already a customer, you can request it by sending an email to: adm@excom.es

Can I open ports?

The fastest way to request the opening of additional ports is to contact our technical department by sending an e-mail to soporte@excom.es. One of our systems technicians will be responsible for opening all the ports you require, all this remotely and without having to go to your home.

What forms of payment are there?

All fees are paid on the 1st of each month, in the current month by direct debit or by card. Bank accounts must be from the European Union.
In case of choosing domiciliation by card, the card must be enabled for electronic payment.